Affordable Representation

IEP Attendance
A flat-fee will be quoted for IEP attendance by an attorney. This fee will encompass preparation for the IEP, meeting with parents prior to the IEP, and the actual attendance of the IEP. The Law Office of Janina Botchis will review the resulting FAPE offer by the school district and offer counsel.

Due Process
Due process can be both lengthy and complex. For this reason, many parents are hesitant to pursue due process until they have exhausted other avenues of redress. At The Law Office of Janina Botchis, contingency agreements may be offered to parents considering filing a due process complaint. This allows parents greater freedom to make decisions based upon the needs of their child.

Compliance Complaints
Compliance complaints may be filed with the California Department of Education (CDE) for clear procedural violations of rights granted parents under the IDEA. Upon a careful evaluation of the merits of a case, The Law Office of Janina Botchis will offer either an hourly or flat fee retainer depending upon the complexity of the complaint.

The Law Office of Janina Botchis offers consultations for a reasonable flat fee. Each consultation lasts approximately forty minutes and includes a review of your child's current IEP by an attorney. Call (818) 253-9444 to schedule your consultation today.

Financial Hardship
Most other matters will be considered on an hourly basis. Should parents be experiencing financial difficulty, The Law Office of Janina Botchis will consider a discounted fee or payment plan based upon tax returns.

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